Welcome to our Products Overview

At World of Water, we take your health and the safety of your drinking water seriously.  It’s why we’ve partnered with the largest names in the industry to offer you the best bottled water, and the latest in water treatment technology and equipment.  Take some time to learn about our products using the links below:


At World of Water we produce our purified H2O onsite. Distilled Dewdrop, and Prairie Dew Reverse Osmosis. Available in 591ml, 4L, 10L, 12L, and 18.9L sizes.

Coolers and Accessories

World of Water carries only the highest quality coolers, made in Canada, Energy Star rated, 5 year warranty, interchangeable accent pieces to match your decor, and in a variety of colors. We even have solid Mahogany, or Brushed Aluminium coolers. Hand pumps, Crocks and Bottle covers are just some of the MANY other items we carry.


Find Beachcomber chemicals for your hot tub as well as a vast array of spa filters. We can also test your hot tub water and assist in balancing your tub chemistry.

Water Treatment

We are the Water Experts, anything from Water softening, Uranium removal, UV disinfection, Pre filtration, Iron Filters, Carbon Filters, Filter Cartridges, Triplex; Solar powered based Seagull units, and so much more.