DewDrop Ice

Dewdrop® Ice – The Purest Ice Possible

For your finest beverage or your biggest cooler, Dewdrop® Ice is a must!

We use our 99.9% pure, Dewdrop® distilled water to make our Dewdrop® Ice, The Purest Ice Possible, and the result is clean, crystal clear ice cubes with no aftertaste.

DewDrop® Ice is sold in large 7 lbs. bags stay frozen longer.  When compared to the ice you make at home, our special rapid cooling system actually releases trapped air making a clearer, more solid cube that keeps your drinks colder for longer on those hot summer days.  We use thick plastic bags so you don’t have to worry about them being punctured. Dewdrop® Ice cubes are also shaped in a unique way to keep them from freezing together.

Always ready for pick-up at our retail locations, Dewdrop® Ice should be the first invite to your next party and at the top of your shopping list. Drop by a World of Water store today and try a bag of Dewdrop® Ice – The Best Ice, The Purest Water, at the Best Price.