Thermo Concepts

Thermo Concepts Bottled Water Coolers are known for their quality construction, great reliability and unique design. Most models are standard-equipped with Thermo Concepts’ No-Spill system or Float Guard technology to prevent damages from potentially defective water bottles. The unique IK Series offers a removable cold water tank and quick disconnect faucets. The fixed stainless steel reservoir is offered on most of our water coolers, and hot tank technology is available for all models. All water contact components comply with FDA standards. All models meet or surpass Energy Star ratings.

Check out the different models we carry:

  • Koncepts
  • Sol’eau
  • Kelvin
  • Fahrenheit
  • S3
  • S2
  • Celsius
  • Pacifik
  • Baltik
  • Nordik
  • Degree