Wolframe’s World of Water

Wolframe’s World of Water was established in 1987.  We have always been a family run business that prides ourselves in friendly, efficient and competent service.  Our team is well trained and very customer oriented. We have a reputation for quality products as well as service.  We enjoy the benefits as well as the challenges of life in Northwestern Ontario and will keep striving to service the area with the utmost care, and knowledge into the future.

Pure, Clean Water.  The Essence of Life

Water is indispensable for all forms of life. Experts agree that we need six to eight glasses of water per day to maintain optimum health. Our bodies lose water by various means – through the kidneys, breathing, and perspiration. Without sufficient water, food cannot be properly digested, absorbed and carried to all parts of the blood stream.

The Benefits of Distilled Water

With today’s problems of pollution, with poisonous additives in our tap water, as well as the presence of inorganic minerals, pure water is hard to come by. In today’s polluted world, DewDrop® Distilled Water  is the purest water possible. Since it assists in the elimination of many harmful substances, it has been recommended for detoxification and fasting programs and for helping clean out the cells, organs and fluids of the body.

The Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Water

Along with DewDrop® Distilled Water, Prairie Dew® Reverse Osmosis Water is an alternative source of safe drinking water. Reverse Osmosis or R/O water is great tasting as it has a majority of contaminants and heavy metals reduced as well as chemicals like Chlorine and Ammonia.  It enhances the taste of your coffee and tea, and when used in cooking, improves the taste of your recipes as well.

Water Treatment Systems for Home, Cottage, & Business

If Bottled Water isn’t a good choice for you, World of Water, Kenora Has World Leading Technology’s and breakthrough Water Treatment options like:  Sterilight UV,  Trojan, Seagul plus many many more treatment options available for your home/cottage or RV as well as commercial applications from tourist/hotel to small municipal plants.

We Even Purify Water for Boaters and RV’rs!

We also carry Water Treatment Drinking system’s for those avid Boaters that like to relax on the lake and take it all in on those hot summer days.